The HIVE has been closed. These pages are preserved for archival purposes.

The HIVE (sometimes affectionately nicknamed the “beehive”) is the Hub for Innovation, Vision and Entrepreneurship at Christian Theological Seminary.

The HIVE is a co-working and learning space for emerging ministries, nonprofits and social entrepreneurs whose efforts are critical to the life and health of our communities both locally and globally. The HIVE offers shared workspace, access to sharable resources and the opportunity to connect with and network with others engaged in similar efforts. Shaped by the tenets of sacred passages like Matthew 25:34-40 and Micah 6:8, the HIVE is committed to join in building a better and more just world. Becoming a member of the HIVE means joining a diverse community committed to learning and who believe that service is essential to spirituality. We look for ways to imagine and engage new answers to the world’s questions while staying true to the progressive values that have guided Christian communities for centuries.