In case of an emergency at CTS

Emergency numbers
911: Call 911 for all medical and fire emergencies.
Butler Police: 317-940-9999
CTS Facilities: 317-931-2390

Do not hesitate to call if you see any suspicious activity or packages, someone in need of medical assistance, violent or criminal behavior, facilities emergencies (such as fire or flood), etc.

If you see a fire, activate the nearest fire alarm and alert any nearby people. Get out of the building and call 911. If you hear a fire alarm, exit the building immediately. See the CTS student handbook for complete instructions.

Weather Emergency
In case of tornadoes or other dangerous storms, seek shelter immediately. Head to the Undercroft or other basement areas away from windows. Listen for instructions over the CTS public announcement system.
See the CTS student handbook for complete instructions.

Active Shooter Response
Quickly determine the best way to protect your life: get out, hide, or take action to incapacitate the shooter (only as a last resort!). See the CTS student handbook for complete instructions.

Annual Security And Fire Safety Report

Listed below is a link to the most recent annual security report for Christian Theological Seminary (CTS) as required by the Department of Education.  There is also a section which reports statistics for the previous three years concerning reported crimes and any fires that occurred in, on or around the CTS campus.  This information is provided as a service to the community in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act [20 USC 1092]. Each year CTS compiles crime statistics and submits reportable crimes to the Department of Education.  

Based on their requirements, some reports of criminal activity are not reported but kept on file in a separate crime log that is kept in this office of the director of facilities management.  This log is public and is available for review through a request to the Director of Facilities Management.