CTS is a place where the Spirit never rests.  You’ll find a campus rich in opportunities for spiritual, academic, and social growth, surrounded by one of the Midwest’s most active and thriving metropolitan areas.  While Indianapolis is known as the Crossroads of America, many have found CTS to be the perfect road for their faith journey.

Our campus itself – stunning architecture nestled along the White River, with neighbors Butler University on one side and the Indianapolis Museum of Art on the other – is designed for study, prayer, and service.  You’ll also find a vigorous and diverse community at CTS:  more than thirty denominations and religious traditions are represented among the administration, faculty, staff, and student body.

And since the CTS campus is centrally located in the heart of the city of Indianapolis, you are never far from a stimulating variety of fine arts, popular culture, music and athletics, as well as a fascinating range of people from every walk of life.