Richard Moman

Richard Moman joined the CTS staff in 2005, working in field education and teaching classes in Christian education, spirituality, and Christian ministries. Moman is an ordained United Methodist clergy and served Indianapolis St. Luke's UMC as Executive Pastor, Church of the Saviour - UMC, St. Andrew UMC, Woodside UMC, all in Indianapolis, and Greenwood UMC. He has also worked as the executive director for the Appalachia Service Project, a national youth mission organization, campus pastor, and camp program director. He has served on United Methodist district and annual conference committees.

During the 1990's, Richard worked with the SCOFE program at CTS. He was a SCOFE Supervisor, a local church site supervisor and a consultant working with SCOFE Supervisors. He also supervised students at Vanderbilt Divinity School and Louisville Presbyterian Seminary. He has been a member of several ecumenical pastors groups and was a part of the Church Federation of Greater Indianapolis, first as a Board member and then as a Chairperson of the Board for two years.