Marti J Steussy

CTS Faculty Emeritus
Professor of Biblical Interpretation

is an ordained minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Her book publications include David: Biblical Portraits of Power (1999) and Gardens in Babylon: Narrative and Faith in the Greek Legends of Daniel (1993), as well as two science fiction novels. She edited and contributed to the Chalice Introduction to the Old Testament (2003) and Chalice published her theologically oriented commentary Psalms (Chalice Commentary for Today series) in Fall 2004.

She is an active member of the Network of Biblical Storytellers and its associated Scholars Seminar.  She also belongs to the Society for Biblical Literature, the Association of Disciples for Theological Discussion, the Forrest-Moss Institute (a group of Disciple-connected women scholars), the Metanexus Institute (science and religion), the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, and Spiritual Directors, International.

Many Disciples know her as the 1996-1999 author of the Disciple Magazine's weekly Bible lesson column. She has also written for the Journey Through the Bible and BibleQuest curriculum series and is on the translation team for a new ecumenical English Bible. In addition to teaching First Testament courses, Dr. Steussy has offered classes in Hebrew, New Testament Greek, religion and science, mythology, environmental issues, process theology, mysticism, spirituality, and forgiveness.

She explores her interests in science fiction and in animals in the journal articles listed below.

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Powerpoint Presentations

  • Talking to the Animals, KnotHole Lecture, April 1999