Matthias Beier: Books, Articles, Lectures and Videos


Beier, M. (2011). Religie zonder angst en geweld: Hoofdlijnen van Eugen Drewermanns theologie van de menselijkheid. Vught, Netherlands: Skandalon. (Dutch translation of A violent God-image.)

Beier, M. (2010). Gott ohne Angst: Einführung in das Denken Eugen Drewermanns (Taking the fear out of God). Ostfildern, Germany: Patmos-Verlag.

Beier, M. (2004, 2006). A violent God-image: An introduction to the work and life of Eugen Drewermann. New York: Continuum International. 

Read reviews of Beier's book, A violent God-image.

Book Tour 

Video of Lecture in Stuttgart, Hospitalhof/Evangelische Akademie - July 2010

Video of Lecture in Reutlingen, Theological Seminary of the United Methodist Church - July 2010

Video of Lecture in Freiburg i. Br., Catholic Cathedral (Münster) - July 2010


Beier, M. (Forthcoming). Assessing faith: Toxic vs. beneficent belief. In F. Kelcourse and K. B. Lyon (Eds.), Transforming wisdom: The practice of psychotherapy in theological perspective.

Beier, M. (2012) Deadly search for God: Absolute agression in the heritage of the Bible. In Dereck Daschke and Andrew Kille (Eds.), A cry instead of hustice: The Bible and cultures of violence in psychological perspective. London: T. & T. Clark.


Beier, M. (Forthcoming). Holy?: Re-visioning God – A sermon on Isaiah 6:1-8. Encounter.

Beier, M. (2011, May 20). Abortion bill imposes cruelty on women. Indianapolis Star, A-9.

Beier, M. (2009). Eugen Drewermann. In Blanton-Peale Institute (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion. New York: Springer Science & Business Media, 254-258.

Beier, M. (2007). On being wanted to exist: A spiritual dimension in pastoral counseling and psychoanalysis. Pastoral Psychology 55(6):701-710.

Beier, M. (2006). On the psychology of violent Christian fundamentalism: Fighting to matter ultimately. Psychoanalytic Review 10, no. 2. Special Issue on The Psychology of Fundamentalism and Terrorism, M. Eigen (Ed.).

Beier, M. (2006). Human development and faith: life-cycle stages of body, mind, and soul. Journal Of Religion And Health, 45(2).

Beier, M. (2006). The First Year. Tikkun, 21(4).


Lectures, Workshops, and Seminars

"Healing Images of God" Counseling Workshop, Lifelong Theological Education,
Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, IN - April 23, 2010

Podcast Interviews
"An den Grenzen der Medizin," Radio Bremen: Religion und Gesellschaft,
Tuesday, October 05, 2010, 1:05:00 PM. (in German)


WRTV Channel 6’s Stacia Matthews:
interview with Professor Matthias Beier on the topic of dealing with the memories and trauma brought about with the 10th anniversary of 9/11. 

Sermon given by Professor Matthias Beier on the day of his installation at Christian Theological Seminary, September 28, 2010.


Videos of Dr. Beier's tour for his book Gott ohne Angst (Patmos 2010):
Beier appears on Inside Indiana Business to share insight and tips for businesses and their employees who may be facing seasonal depression.

All the videos are available on the CTS YouTube channel.