Jacqueline M. Braeger

Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy

Phone: (317) 924-5205

Email: jbraeger@cts.edu

Dr. Braeger is a dedicated educator, trainer & writer, bringing over 25 years of experience as a catalyst for targeted growth among students, clients, and organizations. Dr. Braeger is a faculty member teaching strength-based couple and family systems approaches in counseling at Christian Theological Seminary. As an independent consultant, she has thrived in helping organizations apply current research with best practice models to attain superior clinical outcomes and bolster professional career satisfaction. The memorable experience and privilege of living and working overseas enabled Dr. Braeger to facilitate successful cultural adaptation among military personnel and their family members.

Dr. Braeger ardently believes in the marriage of training & experience in helping people consciously target and purposefully move forward in accomplishing their most important goals. She has a particular interest in helping professionals combine career aspirations with a rich relational life. She understands firsthand the challenge of creating meaningful work while juggling the needs of family as she and her husband, Paul, parent their four energetic children.

The mother of a special needs child, she is a strong advocate of providing people with the resources needed to boost family resiliency. Dr. Braeger consistently receives positive feedback for her ability to translate complex material into a readily understandable form that creatively leads to successful application. Her engaging teaching style, breadth of knowledge, and strength-based focus repeatedly appeal to diverse audiences.

Professional designations include clinical membership and approved supervisor classification with the American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy (AAMFT), Licensed Indiana Marriage and Family Therapist, American Theological Society member, and extensive executive and empowerment coach training. Current research projects include CTS representative to the AAMFT Beta Test Group to determine effective teaching of marriage & family therapy core competencies, and application of targeted measurement strategies in executive coaching groups. Dr. Braeger earned her Ph.D. from Purdue University in 1998, and M.Ed. in Counseling from Boston University in 1989.

Curriculum Vitae


P775 Short Term Family Therapy (PDF)abus 

Archived Syllabi

P650 Treating Addictive Behaviors -Spring 2014 (PDF)
P623 Couples System Therapy-Fall 2013 (PDF)
P-619 Culture, Gender, and Sexuality - Spring 2013 (PDF)
P770 Basic Research Methodology - Fall 2012  (PDF)  
P775 Brief Family Therapy Models - Fall 2012 (PDF)    

P-623 Couples Systems Therapy - Spring 2012 (PDF)  
P-650 Treating Addictive Behavior - Fall 2011 (PDF)

P-619 Culture, Gender and Sexuality - Spring 2011 (PDF)
P-621 Theory of Marriage and Family Therapy - Spring 2011 (PDF) 

P-531 Personality, Human Development, and Christian Faith - Fall 2010 (PDF)
P-623 Couples Systems Therapy - Fall 2010 (PDF)

P-745 Postmodern Therapies - Spring 2010 (PDF) 
P-775 Structural, Strategic, and Briefer Family Therapy - Spring 2010 (PDF)

P-520 Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy - Fall 2009 (PDF)

P-619 Culture, Gender and Sexuality - Spring 2009 (PDF)

P-623 Couples Systems Therapy - Fall 2008 (PDF)

P-770 Basic Research Methodology - Spring 2008 (PDF)

P-619 Culture, Gender, and Sexuality - Fall 2007 (PDF)

P-623 Couples Systems Therapy - Spring 2007 (PDF)

P-770 Basic Research Methodology - Fall 2006 (PDF)

P-619 Sexuality, Gender and Culture - Spring 2006 (PDF)

P-623 Couples Systems Therapy - Spring 2004 (PDF)

P-619 Culture, Gender and Sexuality - Fall 2003 (PDF)