CTS Based Resources on Preaching and Social Justice

    With the First Sunday in Advent in new lectionary year just a few weeks away (December 3, 2017), preachers might want to consider Preaching God’s Transforming Justice: A Lectionary Commentary Year B that was based at CTS. Edited, in part, by Ron Allen. The commentary, begins with the First Sunday in Advent and interprets every passage in the lectionary from the perspective of how each passage encourages the church’s witness to social justice.

    In addition, the book introduces 22 new Holy Days for Justice which can be integrated into the preaching calendar. Examples include:

    • World Aids Day
    • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
    • Oscar Romero of the Americas Day
    • Earth Day
    • Peace in the Home
    • Seeking Liberty and Justice for All
    • Sojourner Truth Day
    • Night of Power
    • Simchat Torah
    • Children’s Sabbath.


    Almost 100 writers contributed to the series, including social activists, ministers of congregations, and scholars. About half of the contributors are women, about half are men, and about 40% are people of color. The editors are Dale Andrews of Vanderbilt University, Dawn Ottoni-Wilhelm of Bethany Theological Seminary, and Ron Allen of Christian Theological Seminary.

    The three books in the series are available as a set from the Westminster John Knox Press: http://www.wjkbooks.com/Products/0664259537/preaching-gods-transforming-justice-threevolume-set.aspx. Volume B is available by itself.

    Barbara Brown Taylor says, “This visionary series works like a new pair of glasses, helping preachers and their listeners focus on what has always been right in front of us: namely, that every single passage of the Bible speaks to the social dimension of God’s life-giving purposes.”

    Walter Brueggeman notes, “This is a long-needed, most welcome addition to our lectionary resources. This extended commentary makes clear that when one asks fresh questions of the biblical text, one gets fresh responses . . . The books surely hold promise of transformative energy for the preaching, teaching, interpreting work of the church.”