CTS at the ISO

CTS at the ISO

Music and spiritual life have gone hand-in-hand throughout history. Many of the world’s musical masterpieces are religious works of art, and exploring this deep connection to our spiritual selves offers many benefits. For this reason, Christian Theological Seminary and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra are collaborating on "Ears to Hear" – a three-event series combining performance with lively, insightful conversation.

EARS TO HEAR: A Music and Sprituality Series

 Friday, October 10, 2014: Mozart's Requiem

 Friday, December 19, 2014: Handel's Messiah

 Friday, April 24, 2015: Faure's Requiem and the
    World Premiere of Mohammed Fairouz's Zabur

Each presentation and pre-concert reception begins at 7:00 pm in the Wood Room at Hilbert Circle Theatre.

Cost is $10 per person in addition to concert ticket and includes refreshments. Tickets available.

All three evenings will be co-hosted by Gary Ginstling, CEO of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, and Matthew Myer Boulton, President of Christian Theological Seminary. Throughout the series, CTS faculty and ISO educators will facilitate discussion. In addition, Mohammed Fairouz will attend the April 24 event to discuss his astonishing world premiere.

“Exploring the time-honored relationship between music and spirituality can transform how we experience art,” says President Boulton. “Through the Music and Spirituality Series, we invite you to learn something new, rub shoulders with like-minded people and, most of all, develop 'ears to hear' three musical masterworks as you’ve never heard them before.”


Gary G

CTS President Matthew Myer Boulton and ISO CEO Gary Ginstling will co-host all three evenings of "Ears to Hear."



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