Core Values

The HIVE is committed:
  • To join in building a better and more just world shaped by the tenets of sacred passages like Matthew 25:34-40 and Micah 6:8;
  • To promote initiatives that explore new forms of ministry and apply creative and collaborative thinking and a variety of approaches to solving the challenges that face our local communities and the world; and
  • To be a place of spiritual care and encouragement for those whose efforts are critical to the life and health of our communities. Joining the HIVE means becoming part of a CTS community that:
  • Is steeped in ancient ideas and practices, yet is reinventing tradition every day;
  • Believes that service is essential to spirituality;
  • Continually looks for ways to imagine and engage new answers to the world’s questions even as we stay true to the progressive values that have guided Christian communities for centuries; and 
  • Serves as a sanctuary that welcomes both peacemakers and troublemakers, since we recognize they are often one and the same. HIVE members agree:
  • To respect the mission of Christian Theological Seminary to form disciples of Jesus Christ for church and community leadership to serve God's transforming of the world; 
  • To respect that the HIVE is a diverse community of people with different perspectives and ideas;
  • To agree that the HIVE is not a platform for proselytizing or working to indoctrinate others to a particular view;
  • To engage in honest dialogue if disagreements arise; and
  • To treat others fairly without discriminating on the basis of race, color, age, national origin, sex, religion, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, marital status, or political affiliation.