Rae Karim (Poet)


Martin SPOKE…

Because he had more than a dream
He had a vision to keep the people alive
In ways that extended beyond the process of taking a breath
Inhale, exhale heartbeat, feet pounded pavement
Hands held tightly together for the struggle
Arms locked at the bend
Keys of justice heard ringing 
In the voices of the cries for community, cries for equality
With confidence and audacity to overcome
It was more than a dream to make it; it was a mission to thrive
Not by way of mere understanding
But overstanding the challenge to challenge
Breaking the walls of prejudice down, 
Like the women of Brewster Place. . . one brick at a time
No victory too small, no idea meaningless
Everyone was important…the grown folks, the children
Cause everyone had a role to play in this story, in this making of history
With a script written by the zeitgeist
Every scene was acted out with unashamed imperfection
In  the beauty of the human dynamic
It was about  more than the rights of those 
Whose skin got an extra dose of melanin
It was about civil rights…the right to be, period!

©SunRae Creative, 2013

Martin SPEAKS…

Up for those who had the boundaries of their existence
Erased by the big I’s that created little u’s
With words and ways that pushed them well into the margins
So as to hide them
The un- and underemployed, laid off because of budget costs and cuts
The women whose heels could break a glass ceiling
But it got turned to brass by the time they could reach it
The hardworking mothers & fathers who want more for their harvest than what they had
While the fight for an education unbiased by teachers…unbothered by bullies
Is one of exhaustion
The elders who paved the way, blazed the trail
Who only ask to have a good quality of life for the time they have remaining
Who have to do the behind the scenes dirty work
Whose hands are tied and mouths are shut with the “or else” clause
That causes them to be in a catch 22
Them…True prophets

©SunRae Creative, 2013

Who spare not cause they care not about the profit of their pocket
Who with boldness, clarity, and consistency make it known
That there was one before them
Who bore this cross with the might of the heavenly host
Who until his very last breath
Was set and ready to go to the distance
Knowing it was about the people
The people who made always made something out of nothing
The people who have given you and me
The opportunity to continue on with the reality of the dream
The people whose dedicated creativity has lead us to do the same 
As we stretch the minds and imaginations of monotony
Making the world a better place unbridled determination 
That we will not let go. That we will keep on until …
Cause we still hear

©SunRae Creative, 2013

The Greatest Moment

Many moments make up this bond…

The day you looked into her eyes
The day you saw perfection in his smile
The first date and the first kiss

The moment time stood still
When you knew you could spend forever together
The moment “I love you” was spoken

Yet the greatest moment took place when you decided
God’s will is best
And there was no better time than the present
To present the very foundation of your relationship
As a covenant before God

Yes everybody saw it
Yet your sincerity cannot be denied

Yes everybody talked about it
Yet the volume of favor being bestowed
Since you made the decision to make it official…
Will keep godly conversation in overdrive
There will be no room to speak anything otherwise

You did it
Not for show and tell
But to show and prove
God’s way is tried and true

May Heaven continue to smile upon you and your marriage
From today until forever

©2013 SunRae Creative, RoyaleOne Publishing