You @ CTS

You have a place at CTS. Whether you are just starting on your journey or deciding to take a different path from your current road, here you will gather the experiences needed to fulfill your vocation of faith, service and leadership.

Students might enter with questions, but they always leave with stories. Here’s a recent one:

“After launching into full-time ministry on Nov. 20 as a solo pastor, I found myself fleetingly missing the simpler days of I wrote a newsletter article, worked on researching and writing my sermon, visited with parishioners, planned a funeral service, wrote a funeral sermon, had a consultation with a local business, worked on an column for the local newspaper, attended a meeting, and was interrupted by innumerable phone calls and drop in visitors -- all in one day.

“Thank you for pushing me beyond the artificial limits I had set for myself, thank you for overloading me with what felt like insurmountable and impossibly difficult assignments, thank you for the collisions of numerous papers all due at the same time, and thank you for helping to shape me into a better person.

“In my parish, I am being pushed beyond the artificial limits I had set for myself.

And I am loving it. I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be.”

--Deborah Greer Bolen