Distinguished Alumni Award

Guidelines for Recommending Distinguished Alumni

Purposes of award

  • To recognize the achievements of CTS alumni in the various ministries of Christ’s Church, enhancing the image of the ministry and setting apart those alumni whose example contributes to the Church and its mission in the world.
  • To provide a means of recognition to a larger circle of alumni than can be recognized by honorary degrees. (A Distinguished Alumni Award, however, does not eliminate a recipient from later consideration for an honorary degree.)
  • To portray the ideal of effective ministry for CTS students, the church and the public at large.
  • To affirm the significant accomplishments of CTS graduates, and to bring visible witness to their impact on the church, community and world.

Number of recipients
  • There will be no more than two recipients within a year.
  • At least one of the recipients must be a member of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Selection process for the award
  • Each year the CTS office of church and alumni relations will ask CTS alumni for recommendations. Other CTS friends are invited to nominate CTS alumni as well, and alumni can nominate themselves. The deadline for submission is mid-September of each year.
  • The nominating committee of the Alumni Board will review all submissions and present its recommendations to the Alumni Board for vote and selection during its fall meeting.

Preference will be given on the basis of the following criteria
  • The achievement of a graduate professional degree from Christian Theological Seminary, the School of Religion at Butler University or its predecessor school.
  • Effectiveness in Christian ministry. 
  • Distinctive service or a significant contribution in special areas such as missions, ecumenism, communications, publications, education, etc.
  • Distinguished service to Christian Theological Seminary or the Alumni Association, helping to strengthen education of the ministry.
  • Creative contribution in ministry.
  • Exemplification of personal and professional integrity and having a positive and enhancing influence upon his/her peers and members of the larger community of faith.

Recipients will be recognized with 
  • Being named during the CTS Commencement ceremony.
  • Award presentation by the director (or designee) of CTS church and alumni relations in a gathering of the recipient’s faith community or in a forum of his or her own choosing.
  • A submission of a news release to appropriate media outlets, including local newspapers and denomination news outlets.

Use the form here to nominate an individual for this award or download a PDF you can mail back to us here.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this process.