Fountain Court & Lobby

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Fountain Court & Lobby

Based upon The Rule of Benedict, CTS believes real hospitality demands extra effort, extra time and extra care. It requires us to create spaces and experiences where our guests enjoy genuine comfort and grace. And the primary CTS destinations for experiencing our unique form of hospitality are our Fountain Court and Lobby.

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Entry Upgrades:

  • Installation of seasonal “wave plantings” along existing parking for screening and visual appeal along 42nd Street
  • Mounding along the existing trail with places to sit bringing interest to the existing flat ground plane
  • Development of a new entry drive that leads drivers to the Fountain Court
  • Construction of a curved walk that leads trail users to the front door and Lobby


Fountain Court Upgrades:

  • Addition of canopy trees and selected tree removal
  • Addition of ground cover with under planting of spring bulbs
  • Implementation of seasonal entry planter program
  • Exterior lighting upgrades


Lobby Upgrades:

  • Restoration of original mid-century modern marble floor
  • Replacement of carpeting
  • Design and fabrication of new reception desk
  • Refinishing of existing mid-century modern bench
  • Updating of existing interior planters
  • Installation of TV monitor for event information and directions
  • Installation of way-making signage for directional purposes