Cafe & Community Terrace

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Café and Community Terrace

The CTS Café and its gracious Community Terrace overlooking the canal and river provide the perfect venue for food and fellowship. After 50 years, however, the Café and Terrace at CTS both require significant restoration to return to the warm, graceful hospitality for which they were originally designed: to provide destinations for play, fellowship, and reflection.

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Café Upgrades:

  • Refinishing of the original, mid-century modern Café chairs
  • New tables to complement the original chairs
  • A large communal table serving as a focal point in the Café
  • Soft seating groups for study and conversation
  • Architectural wall and ceiling “cloud” units to soften acoustics and provide additional lighting
  • Furnishings that can be easily removed or re-configured to accommodate special  events and rental of the CTS Café


Community Terrace Upgrades:

  • Wooden deck overlook of the White River and canal
  • An outdoor fireplace for gathering and conversation
  • Bluestone terraces at the entrance to the CTS Café
  • Outdoor tables and chairs
  • Crushed granite walkways with benches
  • Living wall to define terrace space
  • Exterior lighting upgrades
  • Ground cover addition with under planting of spring bulbs
  • Replanted Bosque of trees in crushed granite