Tuition + Fees


Tuition, per Semester Hour $611
Off-campus tuition*, per Semester Hour
Audit fee, per course $305
Deferred payment fee $75
Practicum fee (for 3 Semester Hour) $500
Technology fee**, per semester $80
Student association fee, per semester full-time $20
Student association fee***, per semester part-time $10
Late registration fee $100
Incomplete fee $30
Graduation fee $125
Returned check fee $40 / 50 / 75

For a full list of fees please view this document.

Special Courses That Do NOT get billed at the regular tuition rate:

M-566, Gospel Choir, per Semester Hour
M-566, Gospel Choir, if audited 0
M-662, Cantors, per Semester Hour
M-662, Cantors, if audited 0
M-751, 752, 753, 754
(Benedict Inn, off campus rate per Semester Hour)
P-800, 801, 802, 803, 804, 805, 818, 819 (CPE)
(off campus rate per Semester Hour)
X-727, MDiv Cross Cultural Requirement 0
X-826, MTS Continuation $150
X-998, D.Min. Continuation $150
X-999, MAMFT and MAPF thesis $70

*Examples of off-campus courses:  CPE and Benedict Inn Spiritual Direction Internship
**The technology fee is for non-degree students and degree students.  Auditors do not pay a technology fee.
***The student assoc. fee is $10 for those enrolled in 1-8 SH.  For students in 9 SH or more, the fee is $20.

Revised 6/1/14