Supervised Ministry for Students

Informational meetings about Supervised Ministry at CTS are held at the beginning of the Spring semester for those who plan to seek a Supervised Ministry position for the following academic year. Dates are announced in advance and the meetings will be offered at various times during the week to accommodate students’ schedules. Please contact the Supervised Ministry Office for specific dates and to indicate the session you plan to attend.

Supervised Ministry ministry placements usually begin with the fall semester of the second year of full-time coursework. Students must have placements approved no later than July 1. Placement begins with the student attending a required Supervised Ministry start-up meeting in January. Individual interviews follow, preparing students for employment by teaching congregations.

Master of Divinity students are required to complete two years of supervised ministry experience for credit, and are expected to begin their first year of Supervised Ministry (M-516, M-517) between the completion of 18 and 45 credit hours. Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in Advanced Supervised Ministry (M-616, M-617) and either continue a second year in their ministry site or seek a placement in a teaching site the second year that emphasizes the type of ministry that matches their long-term call. Students can fulfill the second year of Supervised Ministry by completing one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) in an approved program or through an approved internship with the Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education (SCUPE) in Chicago.


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