Peer Group Study for Students

The following items will provide helpful information on Peer Group Study Program:
Criteria for Approving Proposals
Checklist for Student Peer Groups
Church Pledges Students (PDF)
Congregational Support Committee Agreement for Students (PDF)
Every Meeting Feedback Form

Criteria for Approving Proposals
Reflects the purpose of the Indiana Clergy Peer Group Study Program
Focus on leadership and/or worship in congregations
Transition from the academy to fulltime congregational ministry
Resources for congregational life
Requirements of a three-year commitment and group meeting minimums of 10 days a year and one meeting every three months

Includes peer group processes of accountability for learning
Clear learning objectives
Clarity about learning goals prior to establishing learning activities
Flexibility for change in the process and plans for learning
One-day follow-up meetings within two to four weeks of an activity
Experiments and activities with congregations that give evidence of leadership and delivery of resources
Plan for evaluation: How will you know you have achieved your objectives?  How do you know that you have delivered leadership and resources?

Expands perspectives by being
A learning community of trust that includes vision, support and challenge
Open to changes, experiments and innovations in the practice of ministry

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PGSP Checklist for Student Peer Groups 
1. Attend at least one Information Meeting.
2. Internship dates will be announced and all PGSP student participants MUST be available for an uninterrupted two week internship.
3. Submit application for student PGSP group by deadline.
4. Interviews will be scheduled for those chosen as finalists.
5. Students selected will be notified and an initial meeting with your coach and the Project Manager will be scheduled.