Peer Group Study Finance + Expense Information

Finance and Expense Forms
Contract for Leadership (PDF)
Grant Expense Reimbursement Application (PDF)
Request for Honoraria for Coaches (PDF)

Funding for PGSP Groups

Proposals could receive a maximum grant of $5,500 per person or $44,000 per group, which includes the financial obligation of the individual pastors and congregations ($400 per minister per year and $400 per congregation per year each for three years). 

Here is the way it works:
Peer group members will prepare a proposal for a three-year process of learning with the peer group and experimentation in their congregations. 

When the proposal is accepted:

  • The PGSP will provide $3,100
  • Each congregation will be asked to contribute $400 per year $1,200
  • Each pastor will be asked to contribute $400 per year  $1,200
  • Total amount of funding for an individual for three years  $5,500

If a lesser amount is requested, then PGSP will contribute 56 percent per participant, congregations will contribute 22 percent, and pastors will contribute 22 percent of the amount requested.  All funds are to be used only for actual costs of travel, lodging, study materials, and leadership.  Funds will be available after approval of the three-year plan and dispersed as needed with appropriate documentation.

To apply for a grant, any proposed peer group will:

  • Form a group of eight and contact the Project Manager of PGSP
  • Be assigned a Coach by the Project Manager 
  • Participate in a 2-3 day planning and orientation event 
  • Submit carefully developed three-year plans of study 
  • Set goals, learning objectives, timelines, how leadership and resources will be delivered to congregations, and evaluation plans 
  • Create a detailed annual budget for three years.

All of the plans, topics and activities must relate to the overall goal of the Indiana Clergy Peer Group Study Program: to focus primarily on leadership and resources for congregational life.

Guidelines for Expense Reimbursement

Examples of suitable expenses (accompanied by itemized receipts [not copies] and approved expense forms) to be reimbursed by PGSP are:

  • Travel
  • Lodging
  • Meals –must have itemized receipt
  • Essential books for study as approved by PLT (Project Leadership Team) – all members of the group must purchase the same book
  • Honorarium & Travel Expenses for an approved speaker
  • Gratuity expenses
  • Phone calls for setting up educational programs for the peer group

The following are non-suitable expenses for reimbursement by PGSP:

  • Personal purchases (e.g.:  clothing, gifts, regular medications, alcoholic beverages, personal sundry items)
  • Snacks (group or personal)
  • Purchase of equipment unrelated to purpose of peer group
  • Activities without participation of the whole group
  • Each peer group monitors its participants to encourage an equal level of participation and expense (e.g.: all group members stay at same hotel and travel together).

Dowload Expense Reimbursement Guidelines (PDF)