Master of Arts in Multi-Cultural Christian Education

This degree is not being offered by CTS at this time

Are you passionate about the role of Christian education in the life of the church? Are you willing to embrace different perspectives and challenge your own? Do encounters with multicultural communities excite and expand your vision, boundaries and belief systems?

Leaders today need to be educated beyond superficial encounters with other cultures. They need to move beyond a “tourist” mindset when visiting others’ culture so that they can fully embrace the complexity that arises when meeting and relating to different people. The MAMCE equips you with new ways of understanding and engaging multiculturalism, as you prepare to share your faith with others.

If you believe Christian education is important for the future of the church, if other cultures and countries fascinate you, if you want to challenge your current community to embrace the diversity you know exists in the world, the MAMCE is designed for your interests.The MAMCE degree also provides a solid foundation for those working in not-for-profit agencies or organizations serving multicultural constituencies.

• Students will acquire the knowledge, awareness, sensitivities, and skills needed to function effectively in a pluralistic and multicultural society.

• Students will study with faculty who themselves represent a wide variety of denominations, races, cultures, ethnicities, and theological perspectives.

• Students will take part in our Field Education program and will be placed in jobs in unfamiliar settings in order enhance their understanding and engagement with difference.

• In addition to meeting CTS’s Cross-Cultural requirement, MAMCE students will participate in two CTS or community sponsored cross cultural events as a part of their degree program. 

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