MDiv/MTS Requirements

The MDiv/MTS joint degree program is designed for ministry students who want to add an academic specialization and thesis to their MDiv work or are thinking of a PhD. It requires 108 semester hours and a cumulative GPA of 2.7. Included in the 108 hours are 6 hours of thesis research and writing, culminating in an oral examination by the thesis advisor and two other faculty members.

Students focusing in Bible need to demonstrate competence in the relevant biblical language.

Required course work includes:

  • Field I: Bible (12 hours)
  • Field II Church History (9 hours)
  • Field III Systematic & Philosophical Theology (9 hours)
  • Field IV: Christianity & Culture (6 hours)
  • Field V: Pastoral Theology & Psychology (3 hours)
  • Filed VI: Christian Ministries (16-21 hours)
  • Interfield Courses (16 hours)
  • Focused Research (12 hours)
  • 12 hours from Fields I, II, III and/or IV. Such research should be selected from advanced courses with a view towards identifying a thesis topic and pursuing focused thesis research.
  • Courses in Field V and VI can be taken for credit only with the permission of the thesis advisor and the director of the M.T.S. program.
  • General Electives (20-24 hours)