MDiv/MAMFT Requirements

Requirements: The dual Master of Divinity/Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy degree requires 111 semester hours (SH) of required and elective courses, with a cumulative grade point average of 2.7.

The expected completion for the dual degree program is 6 years with 9 years as the deadline for completion of the degrees unless an extension for special circumstances is granted by the Academic Council.

Students are responsible for such denominational requirements as are required for ordination.

Students must complete 100 alternative clinical hours before entering practicum (50 alternative hours total completed in taking P520 and P522, with an additional 50 alternative hours possible from CPE, or additional options approved by MFT Program Director).  Then, while enrolled in practicum students will complete 400 client-contact hours of which 200 hours must be marriage and family hours. A total of 250 relational hours need to be completed including pre-practicum and practicum hours.

The MAMFT is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy.


A. Studies in Theology

I. Gateway Courses (15 hours)
To be taken in the first two years of a student’s M.Div. studies.
___Gateway to Theological Education and Formation
___Gateway to the Practice of Interpreting the Bible
___Gateway to the Practice of Interpreting Christian Tradition
___Gateway to Theological Reflection
___Gateway to the Practice of Entrepreneurial Leadership
II. The Practices (45 hours)
Three courses for each practice, selected from designated course offerings.
INSPIRE: Worship, Preaching and Interpreting the Christian Faith (9 hours)
___INSP:XXX ___________________
___INSP:XXX ___________________
___INSP:XXX ___________________
LEAD: Leading and Guiding Organizational Life (9 hours)
___P-646 Families and Larger Systems (3 SH)
___LEAD:XXX ___________________
___LEAD:XXX __________________
SERVE: Leading and Guiding Opportunities for Mission (9 hours)

___SERV:XXX ___________________
___SERV:XXX ___________________
LOVE: Caring for the Community (9 hours)
___P-500 Basics of Pastoral Care and Counseling (3 SH)
___P-711 Children and Adolescents in Families (3 SH)
___P 800 Clinical Pastoral Education (3 SH)    
LIVE: Living and Modeling a Life-Giving Faith (9 hours)
___P-617 Integration of Self, Systems, and Spirit (3 SH)___________________
___LIV:XXX ___________________
___LIV:XXX ___________________  
III. Cohort Learning (3 hours)

Supervised Ministry Internship (1 hour)
Students will serve in a one-year Supervised Ministry Internship. Ministry sites will include a range of opportunities—congregations, denominational and judicatory settings, and community agencies—and provide students with a breadth and depth of experience in the particularities of that ministry site and its context.
Those pursuing ordination should consult their ordaining body to determine if additional years of Supervised Ministry are required.

Cohort learning (2 hours)
Students will participate in a cohort group every semester at CTS.


B. Studies in Marriage and Family Therapy

Courses marked with an asterisk (*) are prerequisites for practicum.
Students may select courses of their preference when options exist to create a general emphasis. Students interested in a social justice emphasis will take P-646 Family and Larger Systems and P-711 Children and Adolescents in Families. In the second year of Practicum, students will be placed in a community setting working with people marginalized by socioeconomic and cultural discourse.

I. Theoretical Foundations of Marital and Family Therapy (6 hours)
___ * P-520 Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy Theory (includes 25 hours of alternative clinical hours) (3 SH)
___P-621 Integration of Marriage and Family Therapy Theory (concurrent with a semester of Practicum) (3 SH)
II. Assessment and Treatment in Marital and Family Therapy (12 hours)
___*P-522 Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy Practice (includes 25 hours of alternative clinical hours) (3 SH)
___P 636 Couples Systems Therapy (3 SH)
___*P-637 Psychopathology and Assessment (3 SH)
___P-745 Narrative and Collaborative Approaches to Therapy (3 SH)
III. Human Development and Family Studies (6 hours)
___*P-531 Personality, Human Development and Faith (3 SH)
___ P-619 Sexuality, Gender and Culture (3 SH)

___ P-646 Families and Larger Systems (3 SH) (LISTED under LEAD in M.Div. Curriculum
V. Ethical and Professional Studies (3 hours)
___P-635 Ethical and Professional Issues in Clinical Practice (3 SH)
V. Research (3 hours)
___P-770 Basic Research Methodology (3 SH)
VI. Elective (3 hours)
Any P course
VII. Clinical Pastoral Education
*P-800, P-801 Clinical Pastoral Education  P-800 counts for one course under LOVE in the M.Div. Curriculum. 
VIII. Supervised Clinical Practice (15 hours)
Required: (In addition to the 100 alternative clinical hours required before entering practicum students must have 400 client-contact hours of which 200 hours must be marriage and family hours, plus 100 hours of individual and group supervision in practicum and at least 50 hours of that supervision will be based on direct observation, video tape or audio tape.)
___P-820 Counseling Practicum I (3 SH)
___P-821 Counseling Practicum I (3 SH)
___P-822 Counseling Practicum I (3 SH)
___P-823 Counseling Practicum II

(Students not electing the CPE option must take P-510 Practice and Context of Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy before enrolling in P-823) (3 SH)

___P-824 Counseling Practicum II (3 SH)
IX. Integrative and Competency Assessment
___X-999A Self, Systems and Spirit (0 hours)
___Portfolio of papers from P-520, P-621 and P623 or P-745 (0 hours)
X. Professional Formation and Mentoring

Students will be assigned a faculty mentor who will mentor the student in niches of Family Therapy and professional development. In addition, all students will be assigned to an MFT student who will serve as a peer mentor.  At the beginning of Practicum, MFT students will be assigned an MFT buddy who may or may not be the same person as the peer mentor.


The Counseling Center

Christian Theological Seminary Counseling Center provides quality care for clients, students, faculty and staff in a state-of-the-art facility located on the seminary campus. The facility includes: twenty private counseling rooms, Child and Play Therapy area, personal meditation area, viewing rooms for supervision, space for professional and academic conferences, full ADA compliance.