Doctor of Ministry Degrees

The Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree offers those experienced in church and community leadership a chance to reflect and build upon their existing ministries. The culminating thesis provides the pastoral leader, chaplain, spiritual director, pastoral counselor or ministry team member with an opportunity to gather their knowledge and experience in tangible form to benefit future generations of leaders. The D.Min. degree requires a prior Master of Divinity degree or its educational equivalent.

The stories of our D.Min. students are as diverse as the church itself. From helping refugees, prison ministry, working with pregnant youth, providing grief counseling, addictions counseling, congregational services and a host of other backgrounds, they come to share, learn and serve. Pastoral leaders and caregivers of all ages, from small and large congregations, come to reflect on their experiences, build upon what has worked and explore strategies to pursue their current ministries or add new specializations.

The Doctor of Ministry degree offers five distinct areas for specialized study.
• D.Min. in Pastoral Care (D.Min. PC) with a concentration in supervised
congregational ministry
• D.Min. in Pastoral Care (D.Min. PC) with a concentration in spiritual direction
• D.Min. in Pastoral Care (D.Min. PC) with a concentration in clinical pastoral education (CPE)
• D.Min. in Mental Health Counseling (D.Min. MHC)
• D.Min. in Marriage and Family Therapy (D.Min. MFT)

• Our D.Min. licensure track provides the opportunity to meet degree and licensure requirements simultaneously. Coursework requirements and clinical training are integrated closely with our degree program through the CTS Counseling Center. This is seldom a possibility elsewhere.
• The D.Min. in Pastoral Care offers a variety of supervised and specialized ministry foci for those who wish to provide a higher level of pastoral care in congregational and community settings
• Full-time counseling faculty includes noted pastoral theologians Matthias Beier, Suzanne Coyle, Felicity Kelcourse, and K. Brynolf Lyon. Our faculty are international leaders, published authors and active members of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC), American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) and the National Board for Certified Counselors and Affiliates (NBCC).
• Unlike other D.Min. programs, CTS students work and study with a peer cohort D.Min. community within the larger context of the CTS community. Virtually all required courses are taught by full-time CTS faculty.