Dean's Welcome

Welcome to Christian Theological Seminary.

As a member of this exciting, innovative, and diverse community of theological education, I am delighted to virtually welcome you to Christian Theological Seminary. Through study, prayer, service, and interconnectedness, students at CTS join a dynamic faculty of scholars and teachers to continue an honored history of service to the church and the world. Together we live out the CTS commitment to form “disciples of Jesus Christ for church and community leadership to serve God’s transforming of the world.”

At this moment in the 21st century we are at a crossroads confronted with many complex challenges in an increasingly pluralistic global community that needs ecumenical, trans-denominational, non-denominational, and interfaith understanding. The world needs the interdisciplinary, multicultural, international, and reconciling perspectives that CTS provides through innovative teaching, creative scholarship, and supervised practical training for ministry. Together we nurture ethical leadership within globalized contexts that encourages students to achieve greater knowledge of their own faith traditions and respect for the practices of others, while they develop skills for contextual ministry and live with integrity.

All of us at CTS value God-created diversity. Our community embraces people from many paths of life as they prepare to become pastors, chaplains, counselors, community leaders, educators, and to work in all kinds of organizations that contribute to church and society. CTS students represent rich affiliations, commitments, and perspectives. Some students desire to become more accomplished in their practice of ministry while others are just discovering how they want to serve. Whether as a degree-seeking student or a life-long learner, CTS is a place where lives are transformed as we encounter God in and through one another.

We share an extraordinary history, a rich present, and an exciting future. If you are interested in encountering God, nursing a deeper spiritual life, developing theological imagination, and aiming for excellence in ministry, I invite you to join us. Come visit our campus and share our excitement. In the meantime explore CTS through our website, catalog, and interaction with our faculty and staff through email.

Grace and peace,
Edwin David Aponte
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty  
Professor of Christianity and Culture