Yoga, Spirituality and Wellness Certification

Yoga is an ancient practice that pre-dates the birth of Christ, but its integration of healthy body, spirit and mind has great appeal for modern Christians and other people of faith. To teach people who want the benefits of yoga grounded in religious tradition and thought, yoga instructors benefit from a solid theological foundation.

To that end, Christian Theological Seminary is offering a course of study in Yoga, Spirituality and Wellness. It offers three options for people interested in yoga and spirituality: a single course in yoga and wellness; three courses that allow individuals to become registered yoga teachers through the Yoga Alliance; and a Graduate Certificate in Yoga, Spirituality and Wellness. The courses start in January 2017.

Two instructors are teaching in the program:

  • Dr. Helene T. Russell, CTS Associate Professor of Theology and a yoga teacher (E-RYT 500). She most recently completed training in Viniyoga as well as an emphasis on yoga and trauma. At CTS, she teaches classes in theology including interfaith dialogue and church planting
  • Christine Yovanovich (E-RYT 500) began formal yogic studies in 2003 and is the owner of Indiana Yoga Studio in Lebanon, Indiana. She also leads annual trips to Costa Rica with the Peace through Yoga Foundation.

CTS yoga courses will focus on Hatha Yoga with emphasis on Viniyoga. Hatha Yoga, a classical type of yoga, includes the practices of yoga postures and breathing exercise, which help bring peace to the mind and body preparing for deeper spiritual practices. Viniyoga, also a classical type of yoga, focuses on safe and effective sequencing and alignment, plus individual adaptations for various body types and needs.

The single course (3 credit hours) in yoga and spirituality is ideal for individuals seeking to learn how the spiritual aspects of yoga can strengthen one’s Christian faith. People taking the course for credit that could be applied to a degree at CTS later will pay just $1065 for the three-credit course; those not seeking credit will pay just $533. Email to register.

CTS also offers a series of three classes (9 credit hours) that train individuals to become yoga teachers registered with the Yoga Alliance, a nonprofit organization that credentials yoga teachers and schools. This three-course pathway is ideal for people seeking to meld yoga with Christian wellness and formation and share its teachings with others. The Yoga Alliance registration requires 200 hours of training in yoga, including asana, pranayama, meditation, and building effective and safe sequencing for personal and teaching practices. These classes meet that 200-hour requirement. Individuals choosing this pathway will take the courses for credit and pay $1065 per class. 

To apply for the yoga teacher training, please complete the registration form here.

After you complete the registration form, email to register.

For people who want the widely recognized credential of a graduate certification, CTS also offers a Certification in Yoga, Spirituality and Wellness. A certification demonstrates that a student has completed a rigorous course of study offered by a recognized institution. To earn the Certification in Yoga, Spirituality and Wellness at CTS, individuals must successfully complete six courses (18 credit hours), including three yoga teacher training courses and three other courses that support the Yoga, Spirituality and Wellness concentration. (These three courses will be selected in consultation with the director of the program.)

This six-course pathway is an in-depth study of Christian and other religious teachings plus yoga practices and is ideal for individuals interested in health and wellness ministries. Individuals choosing this pathway will take the courses for credit and pay just $1005 per class. Certification students must be approved to participate by the Dean of Faculty. Apply here.