Family Matters

While the new president focuses on CTS, home and family offer perspective and balance, he says: "They're my biggest strengths."

A New Day

The sixth president of Christian Theological Seminary, the Rev. Dr. Matthew Myer Boulton, brings to the seminary a perspective that is at once rooted in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and decidedly ecumenical in outlook. He is a scholar, teacher, musician, and leader who admires the achievements of his five predecessors - and is ready and eager to build on them.

The committee that conducted an exhaustive national search for CTS's new president is confident that Matthew Myer Boulton's wide-ranging background in history, theology, and the arts gives him a broad vantage point from which to guide the institution.

Still in the early months of his presidency, Boulton acknowledges the steep learning curve ahead. He is on what he calls a “listening campaign,” meeting individually with CTS faculty members and trustees and with staff in small groups; with civic leaders and city officials; and with fellow institutional leaders.

But what exactly is he listening for? An advocate of asset-based community development, which emphasizes building on existing strengths, Boulton says he is “discerning where the Holy Spirit is already active in the CTS community, in Indy, and in the wider world. That’s what I’m listening for: Where are the places to build? What strengths can we capitalize upon? Some ideas are already emerging, and it’s very exciting stuff.”

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