CTS Statement Regarding Events in Charlottesville, VA

As the interim president, dean, and faculty of Christian Theological Seminary, we join leaders in this country and around the world in condemning the recent violence and hatred in Charlottesville, Virginia – a vibrant city of vital history and beautiful diversity. We offer prayers for the family and loved ones of the woman killed, Heather Heyer, and the two state troopers who died in a helicopter crash while providing support to those managing the chaos on the ground. We give thanks for the religious leaders who courageously bore witness to God’s love amid the tragedy and will continue to hold in our hearts the city of Charlottesville and all who emerge from this tragedy with seen and unseen wounds.

We believe the scriptures to be true – that all people are created in God's image and that God seeks the well being of all people – but our inability or unwillingness to live well together has been exposed again. In this case, instead of affirming the equal, infinite, God-given value of all people, a group of people identifying themselves as White Nationalists have asserted their supremacy over other children of God. The gospel of Jesus Christ makes no room for racism and the hideous violence and hatred it spawns. 

Nor do we. As leaders and faculty of an institution committed to preparing women and men to witness to the gospel of love, justice and reconciliation, we not only condemn and pray; we also challenge ourselves, our students, all churches and other institutions of public leadership to take a lead in repenting of racism and in protesting the violence that racism breeds.

Christian Theological Seminary is committed to preparing leaders to heal, lead and love this world that God loves. Together, let's stand up and speak out for those who are on the receiving end of hate in any place and any time.

Rev. Dr. Bill Kincaid 
Interim President and Herald B. Monroe Associate Professor of Leadership and Ministry Studies 

Dr. Leah Gunning Francis 
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty, and Associate Professor of Christian Education and Practical Theology 

CTS Faculty:

Rev. Dr. Ronald J. Allen 
Professor of Preaching and Gospels and Letters

Dr. Matthias Beier 
Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology and Mental Health Counseling

Dr. Jacqueline M. Braeger 
Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy

Rev. Dr. Suzanne Coyle 
Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology and Marriage and Family Therapy

Rev. Dr. Christina Jones Davis 
Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling

Dr. Felicity Kelcourse 
Associate Professor of  Pastoral Care and Counseling 

Dr. Helene T. Russell 
Associate Professor of Theology

Rev. Dr. Scott Seay 
Associate Professor of the History of Christianity

Rev. Dr. Frank A. Thomas 
Nettie Sweeney and Hugh Th. Miller Professor of Homiletics

Rev. Dr. Robert Saler 
Research Professor of Lutheran Studies

For more information: 
Rev. Nathan Day Wilson 
Director of Communications 
Christian Theological Seminary